CodenomiCON Europe 2017

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Sabotaged by the SoC? - Graham Murphy

In a world seemingly driven by a never-ending quest for more data, faster, security often seems to come far down the list. But even when we spend time and money ensuring that our automotive, IoT or medical devices have been patched, encrypted and secured, we could still miss the lowdown tricks that the underlying hardware might expose us to. Join Graham Murphy as he explores the murky world of ensuring your hardware doesn't end up compromising your software.


Graham MurphyGraham Murphy, Security Researcher, BlackBerry
Graham Murphy is a Security Researcher at BlackBerry with over 15 years of experience in the IT security field. His experience working for influential consultancies, including @stake and Symantec, has given him exposure to a wide range of technologies - everything from cashless vending, medical, mobile and wireless communications all the way to banking and finance. Graham’s curiosity with both hardware and software has led him to IoT, medical and embedded systems, giving him perspectives on the challenges where the two meet. Graham enjoys tackling both new and existing technologies, identifying potential and future threats aiming to provide real world mitigations and improvements to ensure that our future is brighter and better.


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