Software Composition Analysis

Find known security vulnerabilities and license violations in your cyber supply chain… before they become legal liabilities or business risks.

Protecode is a complete cyber supply chain Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution. Protecode offers a range of reporting capabilities. This includes a software Bill of Materials (BoM) that identifies obligations associated with the licenses, copyrights, known open source security vulnerabilities, encryption content, and overall make up of your software portfolio.

As an open source license management solution for all stages of the software development process using both source code and binary code, Protecode helps organizations establish OSS governance and policy enforcement features, implement a workflow for the adoption of open source software, and scan and detect open source in real-time at the developer’s workstation.

Protecode Enterprise

Manage risks arising from the use of third-party code, including open source, internally developed, outsourced, and commercial code.

Protecode Supply Chain

Analyze runtime and binary code to identify third-party components and flag known security vulnerabilities.

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