Security Through Static and Dynamic Analysis
Learn how Synopsys' new security solutions for software composition analysis (SCA) and dynamic application security testing via fuzzing will augment your existing static code analysis capabilities.

Through the acquisition of Codenomicon, Synopsys now offers an unprecedented suite of tools that cover key areas of the Secure Development Lifecycle, from static and dynamic analysis to software composition analysis.

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to listen to our experts discuss Synopsys' new capabilities and how you can use them to minimize your risk.

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Mikko Varpiola - Co-Founder, Codenomicon; Security Researcher, Synopsys Jonathan Knudsen - Principal Security Engineer, Codenomicon; Cybersecurity Engineer, Synopsys
Mikko Varpiola is an expert in unknown vulnerability discovery and management, specializing in fuzz-testing. Before founding Codenomicon he was a key researcher with the globally recognized PROTOS research group at University of Oulu. He actively participates in the development of secure programming practices and automation of software security testing.

Jonathan Knudsen is a cybersecurity engineer at Synopsys, where he enjoys breaking software and helping people understand how to make software better. Jonathan is the author of books about 2D graphics, cryptography, mobile application development, Lego robots, and pregnancy. He lives near Raleigh, North Carolina.