The Hidden Cost of Rework: A voke Report

Software defects create hidden rework costs for every project. Defects always get more expensive and labor intensive when identified later in the lifecycle. If your organization is considering whether to participate in the Agile movement, will your budgets and project end dates be flexible enough to support using Agile?

Learn how the cost of rework manifests itself differently across Agile and non-Agile projects and steps you can take to minimize rework.

Read this paper to understand:

  • Four different Cost of Rework models (Agile and Non-Agile) to better understand the magnitude of cost changes and schedule delays when issues are identified late in the application cycle.
  • Three typical Agile scenarios to see exactly how rework in Agile projects transforms the Cost of Quality relationship.
  • Tools and techniques, such as development testing, that you can use to reduce the cost of rework
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