Finding Subtle but Common Concurrency Issues in Java Programs

Listen to our on-demand webcast as we discuss new research results on common concurrency mistakes in Java. We’ll review specific examples in which subtle misunderstandings of the Java concurrency model have caused bugs in widely used open source programs.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid introducing new instances of concurrency bugs
  • Utilize static analysis development testing tools to alert you of a problem before the code has left the programmer’s attention
  • Eliminate unsafely avoiding taking a lock, poor selection of objects used as locks, and misuse of the wait/notify pattern.

Who should listen the webcast: Java developers

Featured Speaker

Mark Winterrowd is a Senior Software Engineer at Coverity and has been discovering bugs in Java programs in desktop, web application, and mobile environments with Coverity since 2010. He has most recently taken charge with enhancing Coverity's concurrency checkers to find race conditions, deadlocks, and other nondeterministic behavior.