Bridging the Quality Gap - from Mainframe to Open Systems

Understanding the complex applications that underpin an “end to end” business transaction is a challenge to the majority of large Financial Services organizations today. Branch systems tend to be written in highly dynamic languages such as Java or .Net C# with the subsequent high volume business processing performed on a combination of ERP systems such as SAP with mainframe components, written in languages like COBOL, PL/1 Adabas Natural, JCL and Assembler. 

Listen to Coverity and EZSource in our webcast to learn how our joint approach can help you:

  • Perform cross platform and cross application analysis, issue reporting and recommended remediation.
  • Gain insight into the quality issues that affect a business process across application boundaries.
  • Combine the results and remediation recommendations into an integrated reporting dashboard.


Omer Caspi, CTO, EZSource

Omer Caspi, Chief Technology Officer, has held senior software engineering positions for over 20 years. Prior to founding EZSource he was VP R&D at a Formula Group subsidiary, worked on specialist GIS solutions and was a development manager in the Israeli Navy. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA

Simon Jennings, VP Global Sales, EZSource
Simon Jennings, VP Global Sales has held senior sales positions in global IT companies for over 30 years. He joined EZSource in 2007, prior to which he was VP EMEA for Digital Fuel and VP EMEA for ETI. He has held senior sales management positions at Sapiens, Ingres and Wang. He holds a BSc degree in Biochemistry.
Keri Sprinkle, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Coverity
Keri Sprinkle, Sr Product Marketing Manager, started her career in the in the Enterprise Software industry more than 15 years ago at Oracle. Since then she has been a Sales Engineer, Solution Architect and Product Marketing Manager for enterprise companies such as Veritas, Symantec and HP Software. Keri’s specialties include test automation, datacenter automation, disaster recovery, high availability and data protection.
Jon Jarboe, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Coverity
Jon Jarboe, Sr Technical Marketing Manager, has been improving software development tools for over 20 years, in contexts ranging from embedded systems to enterprise applications.  He currently helps companies understand the value of adopting development testing as part of their software development process.