Improve Your Test Coverage by Testing What Matters Most

ACE is an open source framework that implements many core patterns for concurrent communication software. With almost 8 million lines of C++ code, the development team was challenged to ensure that code was adequately tested as it was developed. The developers needed to improve their testing coverage, communicate the testing policy and ensure that the test policies were followed.

Hear how ACE narrowed the scope of testing and identified 605 functions that were critical to fully test by prioritizing the critical components and filtering out those that were unnecessary to test.

Listen to this on-demand webinar to find out how they did it.


Johnny Willemsen, CTO Remedy IT

Johnny Willemsen studied computer science and graduated from Technische Hogeschool Gelderland in 1996. He joined the Remedy IT team in 1997. He has driven and participated in the standardization of several new OMG standards including CORBA Compression, Ruby CORBA Language Mapping, AMI4CCM and DDS4CCM. Moreover, he has taken the lead in several modernization initiatives for existing OMG standards such as the CORBA IDL C++11 mapping (IDL2C++11) and the Unified Component Model (UCM).

Keri Sprinkle, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coverity

Keri Sprinkle started her career in the in the Enterprise Software industry more than 15 years ago as a systems administrator at Oracle.  Since then she has been a Professional Services Consultant, Technical Instructor and Course Developer, Sales Engineer, Solution Architect and Product Marketing Manager for other enterprise software companies such as Veritas, Symantec and HP Software.   Keri’s specialties include test automation, datacenter automation, disaster recovery, high availability and data protection.