Static Analysis - The Next Generation

Gone are the days of noisy “linters" and glorified spell checkers. Today’s static source code analysis can be highly accurate and can find complex inter-procedural coding defects that our human eyes would never see.

See how open source developers have used Coverity by Synopsys’ Software Testing Platform to find and fix critical, crash causing bugs and security defects and learn how you can do the same. We’ll get our hands dirty with real live source code and bugs in popular open source packages.

During this on demand webcast, you will learn about:

  • The complex and often highly confusing world of source code analysis
  • How developers can pinpoint critical, crash causing security defects
  • Navigating through live source code and finding bugs in popular open source packages

Featured Speaker

David Lindsay, Senior Product Manager at Coverity by Synopsys focuses on understanding the security industry market, researching industry trends, and improving Coverity's static analysis capabilities. David is also a co-author of the book Web Application Obfuscation and is a frequent speaker at security conferences including Blackhat, Bluehat, and OWASP AppSec Research. David graduated from the University of Utah with a Masters degree in Mathematics. After this, he spent many years as an application security engineer and consultant specializing in threat modeling, penetration testing, architecture analysis, cryptography, and web application vulnerabilities.

On-Demand Webcast