Forrester Consulting – Development Testing in the Financial Services Industry

Download the latest Forrester Consulting report: Development Testing in the Financial Services Industry and learn the answers to these business-critical questions:

  • How can I reduce software development costs by finding bugs early?
  • How are other financial companies optimizing testing collaboration?
  • What is technical debt, and how can I reduce software defects to best manage it? 

The study highlights software development lifecycle trends, including development testing practices, within the Financial Services industry.

Key Findings Include:

  • Speed is Vital: An overwhelming 62% of survey respondents selected that time-to-market and the need to release products with shorter development cycles was their #1 issue.
  • Technical Debt Looms Large: FSI can be described as the graveyard of software, with accumulated systems and software from years of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Embrace Continuous Integration: While Agile is the most-practiced form of development in FSI, adoption of Continuous Integration is still lagging behind other industries.