Forrester Consulting – Development Testing: A New Era in Software Quality

Your software is your biggest competitive edge. Are you confident in your code quality?

Download the latest Forrester Consulting report Development Testing: A New Era in Software Quality and learn the answers to these business-critical questions:

  • How can I reduce software development costs by finding bugs early?
  • Why is testing code during development more important today?
  • How can I improve testing collaboration across my organization?
  • What is technical debt, and how can I reduce software defects to best manage it?

Key Findings Include:

  • The longer you leave software defects, the more they cost: 73% of respondents believe that increased cost is the most serious consequence of finding defects late in the software development lifecycle.
  • Developers are under pressure to deliver innovation quickly while maintaining quality: 64% of respondents said developers are under more pressure today to deliver innovation faster to the market, yet developers cannot sacrifice quality for the sake of speed.
  • Testing has become a critical component of the developer’s role: 79% of managers believe testing is a key part of the developer’s role, while testing methods deployed during development are expanding beyond just unit testing.