How to Survive Shrinking Test Cycle Times

When your boss decides to "speed things up" by shrinking your test or release cycle and you have hundreds or even thousands of manual and automated tests, what can you do?  

Many QA teams are forced to deal with daunting cycles. Whether they struggle to effectively run regression tests or fail to lock down unpredictable change impact, it’s difficult for a team to overcome shorter testing windows. Instead of buckling to the pressure, though, there’s a smarter way to test without any trade-off between time to market and quality requirements. 

Listen to our on-demand webcast and learn how your team can adopt a “test coverage intelligence” approach. You will discover how to:

  • Precisely identify release changes and their impacts
  • Choose which tests to run and fill testing holes
  • Meet management’s time-to-market requirements
  • Increase your testing efficiency and effectiveness

Featured Speaker

Marc Rambert, Director of Dynamic Testing Solution at Coverity by Synopsys is leading product development that tackles real-world testing problems. Marc has been working in software development for his entire career. He cofounded Kalistick to advance his passion for IT and innovation, which is where he invented the test coverage intelligence solution.

On-Demand Webcast